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Articles on branding & design by Linsey Valeriote, LV Creative


A collection of my thoughts and opinions. Often illustrated.

What is a Brand Manifesto?

A manifesto is defined as "a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, as one issued by a government, soverign, or organization". In other words, a manifesto is where you draw a line in the sand. It's a combination of value statements and...

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How to Define Your Visual Identity

What is a visual identity? In general, a visual identity consists of your logo, colours, typography, imagery style, and textures. While it's often mislabeled as "brand", your visual identity is actually an outward expression of a bigger strategy.  Think of it as your...

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Manifestos not Mission Statements

How many mission statements have you read that sound like this? "Our goal is to build quality products and provide excellent customer service to help our customers..." Whoa, wait. Did you fall asleep? I'm pretty positive I did. And this is the biggest problem with...

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Building a Stand Out Brand (Part 2): Battling Boredom

If you haven't read Part 1 of this series, you may want to read that first. A few years ago, my son went on a camping trip with his school. One evening, once the sun was gone, the kids played a game called "Mission Impossible". The mechanics of game play don't matter,...

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Building a Stand Out Brand (Part 1): Battling Confusion

Without question, the biggest battle my clients face is with invisibility, and for good reason. If your desired audience can't see you, they can't learn what you think or connect to your ideas. You can't capture their imagination, prove that you can help them, and...

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How “Start With Why” is Failing Entrepreneurs

If you’ve been around the online business world for a hot minute, you’ll see loads of entrepreneurs talking about “their why”. They are looking for it, finding it, posting about it in Facebook groups, and hashtagging it all over Instagram. But...

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Three lies about being prepared

I recently finished reading Stephen Pressfield's amazing “War of Art” in which he argues that the only thing that keeps us from succeeding is resistance. Resistance shows up in a gazillion ways, all of which are designed to keep us from actually doing anything to...

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Why a style-free designer is exactly what you need.

I belong to several business groups on Facebook. In most cases, they are full of entrepreneurs at various stages of their business journey who have banded together to network, support each other, and hopefully find clients & partners with whom to work. Every so often,...

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