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Articles on branding & design by Linsey Valeriote, LV Creative


A collection of my thoughts and opinions. Often illustrated.

To hell with experts

I am not an expert. In fact, I’m suspicious of anyone who calls themselves one. The Internet is riddled with “experts” who will help you find your purpose/live your dream/make six figures/lose weight/gain another 1000 Facebook likes…. If there’s something you want to...

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The power of AND

Last weekend during the typical “kids, time to clean your rooms” time, I came to the realization that my daughter has been not so much cleaning, as two-handing everything deep under her bed. “Out of sight, out of mind” may be a good strategy when it comes to...

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On being a reluctant artist

I never meant to be a designer. I took all the high school courses to enable myself to enter any university faculty. I took chemistry and physics and calculus just in case. I took English Literature because it was really recommended as a basis for first year English....

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Why your designer needs to hear, “I hate it.”

You're working hard on your business. You're busy dreaming up your newest program; the blockbuster one. The one that is going to sell out in the first day, launch to huge acclaim, and cement your reputation as a pioneer in your industry. PING. Fresh to your inbox are...

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Three tips to recognizing great design. Also, wine.

I like wine. I have my stand-by favourites, but every once in a while I am prone to browsing the store looking for something new. Without fail, I will choose something with a great name or a pretty label. I know I'm not alone. At Easter dinner, my dad admitted to...

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What’s the story?

Not so long ago, I strolled into a local boutique and sifted through a handful of typical house keys attached to chains. I compared the letters etched into the metal, pronounced one “perfect”, handed the clerk $40, and left with a birthday gift for a very good friend....

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Science proves design matters

It’s science fair season around here and yesterday my son won “best real world application” for his project at our district’s fair. WAIT! Don’t go, I have not made the leap to mommy blogger, I really have a point. Stay with me. Here’s how it worked. He took a couple...

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Do you really need a six figure business?

Every once in a while I engage in a round of comparisonitis. If you're an entrepreneur, chances are you play this game too. The rules are pretty simple. Scroll through the Internet marvelling at all the people broadcasting that they took their business from zero to...

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Stop worrying about your logo

I'm having a typical conversation with a new client: [Talks about all the things their business does and what they think they need] “and, we're going to need you to do the brand.” Many years of experience has taught me that we're likely not speaking the same language....

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