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Articles on branding & design by Linsey Valeriote, LV Creative


A collection of my thoughts and opinions. Often illustrated.

It’s the New Year! Let’s talk about body issues and religion.

I was raised Catholic. Throughout my childhood and teens I sat through hours of catechism in order to achieve the trifecta of communion/confession/confirmation. I went to Church every week and I still can’t hear the words, “I believe…” without starting to add, “in the...

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What you should know if you want to DIY your website

We’re almost a week from Christmas and therefore I have spent much more time in stores than I normally do – both the online and real world variety. Without fail, I cruise past something super cute and deceptively simple and have the thought, “Oh I could totally make...

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Is Greenpeace’s new campaign “naughty” or “nice”?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of reframing; where you take an idea and present it in a different way to change how someone thinks about it. When you live with small people, as I do, reframing isn’t just a parenting tactic, it’s a survival mechanism....

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Stop being “authentic.” Start being brave.

I see a lot of talk on the Interwebs these days about “authenticity”. Authentic brand. Authentic voice. Be authentic. Find your authentic tribe. In fact, the word “authentic” appears so often, it’s in danger of becoming a star player in a new version of Marketing...

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Stop Swimming in the Me-Too Sea

Last week we were (okay, I was) talking about disruption. If you don’t know what the holy hell I mean, go read this first. Or for those of you who lack patience, here’s my summary: Disruption rescues you from the Me-Too Sea. Look, I get it. Starting a business...

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Wanna get noticed? Turn up the disruption.

Let’s talk about disruption. Likely, you have a negative reaction to that word. If it’s ever been applied to you (or your child) it was probably in the context of “what can we do to change this behaviour.” It’s the same word that’s applied to crowds that get out of...

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How significant are you?

It’s a beautiful October day. There’s an ice cold sun in the blue sky. There are maple leaves brighter than that eighth grade hair dye disaster. And there’s a decomposing hand sticking out of the garden. That’s right, folks, it’s Hallowe’en week. In fact, it’s more...

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Full moon, lollipops, and redefining your work

Imposter syndrome? Comparisonitis? Absolutely positively convinced that everything you’ve created sucks and no one will possibly hire you to help them with anything ever? Yeah. Me too. I don’t know what was up with the run-up to this weekend’s full moon but I had a...

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Are you affordable? Cut it out.

There is nothing quite so excellent as selling something that really lights you up. And nothing quite so stressful as figuring out how to encourage people to buy. So here’s the question: are you marketing your work as “affordable,” “reasonable,” or (hell, no)...

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