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Designmancy - Brand Manifesto - LV Creative


Designmancy is the online home of Heather Craik, a WordPress developer for entrepreneurs. Heather recently pivoted her business to focus exclusively on development and wanted to create a manifesto to showcase her beliefs to her customers.

During the manifesto process we uncovered that Heather is as much a teacher as she is a developer. She strongly believes that technology can be translated to terms anyone can understand and she passionately believes entrepreneurs should not give away their power by assuming that tech is beyond them.

The Designmancy manifesto seeks to inspire entrepreneurs to approach technology from new angles and believe in themselves that learning is possible.

Volinspire Caring Company Manifesto

OMG I LOVE IT! I just about teared up over how well you get me and how powerful it is.

Having such a strong manifesto is a full out call to play a bigger game.

I wanna go slather it everywhere!

Heather Craik


Linsey Valeriote


Gain clarity on what matters most to you and connect it to what matters to your clients. Set your business apart, make your marketing easy, and gain brand evangelists, eager to support and recommend you.