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garnish + grace

garnish + grace

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garnish + grace is a Calgary-based catering company focused on creating high quality food produced with local, seasonal ingredients.

Owner and chef, Lindsay Reid, was starting from the beginning with her business, right down to still trying to choose a name. We started the project with a Creative Roadmap, a document that’s part strategy, part action plan, and designed to harness an entrepreneur’s ideas, identify opportunities, and create a route to reach goals.

garnish + grace Creative Roadmap

While reviewing competitors, we realized many did not have very distinctive brands or up to date sites. Here was an opportunity for Lindsay to capitalize on her love of details and beautiful visuals and create a visual brand that would set her business apart.

I began logo ideation trying to capture a feeling of care, comfort, and with a reflection of food.

garnish + grace logo trials
garnish + grace logo trials
garnish + grace logo trials
garnish + grace logo trials

As we went through the design process, we kept moving further along the minimal spectrum, with the idea that a minimal aesthetic would be the best base to allow the food to shine. Ultimately, we settled on a customized monospaced type treatment.

garnish + grace logo

Lindsay’s love of beauty is evident in her edible creations and one of her mottos is, “People eat with their eyes”. We continued the minimal aesthetic into the site which really allowed the food to take centre stage. We also hired copywriter, Melodie Krieger, to create the copy, focused on a theme of details, quality, and care.

garnish + grace web pages
garnish + grace web pages

We wanted to carry the garnish + grace brand into the real world, so I created several pieces including business cards, letterhead, invoices and packaging stickers.

garnish + grace stationary

I can’t believe how it’s all come together. I had my business partner take a look at it for the first time in a long time today and her reply was “Linds, I want to hire you!” She said it’s better than she ever imagined that it could look and thinks it really is me.

I absolutely love the final product.

I know I am extremely particular and detail-oriented but there isn’t anything I’d change. So THANK YOU for everything!

Lindsay Reid

Owner, garnish + grace

Linsey Valeriote


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