You bring the big idea, I’ll meet you where you’re at.

Whether you’re a business veteran or a newly minted entrepreneur, I can help you connect your big idea to your perfect people.


Here are some ways we can work together.

LV Creative: Custom Creative

Custom Creative packages are designed for business owners who want to move their brands to a new level.

Maybe you’ve had a logo and a site for a while but, as your business has grown, they no longer feel like they represent you.

Maybe your sales have plateaued and you need to revisit your brand messages and inject some new life into your marketing materials.

Perhaps your business has absolutely taken off and it’s time to take all the programs, downloads, social media graphics, and presentations and give them a fresh, new, cohesive look that better represents who you are becoming.

Or maybe you’ve just got too much on your plate and the amount of creative work is overwhelming. You’re too busy for DIY and you’re tired of managing multiple service providers. You need a trusted person who understands your brand and your business and can translate it into outstanding creative work.

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For the past five years Linsey has been a lynch pin in our business.

She has an intuitive ability to understand what we need and want almost before we do and her positive and solution oriented attitude makes her such a joy to work with. Her designs speak for themselves. After Linsey I wouldn’t let anyone else touch our designs.

Danielle Wilson

CEO & Founding Partner, Sweet Peanut Clothing Company

Square One

Square One is for new businesses who want agency level support and guidance while they dig in and do the work.

You’ve got a big idea but your wallet won’t support custom creative work. (Yet.)

You’ve checked out DIY options but the technology is intimidating. Plus, your standards are high and you feel like what you’re producing looks like a junior high art project in a world class art gallery.

You’re wondering if you just buy one more online course, whether everything will fall into place.

You really just want to get started but you’re pretty overwhelmed with where to even begin.

Does this sound like you? We can help. Learn more >>

Linsey Valeriote


No worries, I know you want to be sure you’re choosing the right path. Book a brief chat with me to discuss your project.