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If you don’t know what sets you apart, how will your customers?

A large part of being a business owner is sifting through advice.

You need to niche! Take this course! Hire a VA! The money’s in the list! Facebook ads! SEO! Sales funnels!

It’s overwhelming.

You’ve been working your butt off. Late night hours spent cuddled up with Google, trying to learn the magic solution to making your brand more visible. There must be an answer out there. I mean, how did all those influencers do it?

You’re kind of stressed about your marketing. Your Instagram followers were going up but now they’ve stalled. You’re also having a hard time getting those people off Instagram and on to your products. You’re not really sure why you aren’t converting.

You’d like to be booking more clients. Maybe you need a better website.

You should probably start posting to YouTube. Video’s the future, right? But honestly, the thought of creating content for yet another platform makes you want to spend the last of your money on a one way ticket to Jamaica.

It feels like you need to do all the things, all at once, and you just want to know what to do FIRST.

LV Creative Custom Creative

The truth is, you’re not ready to do ANYTHING until you can clearly articulate what makes you, well YOU.

Your people can’t buy what they can’t see and unless you know what sets you apart, you’ll just blend into the noise.

It doesn’t matter how pretty your website is or how flashy your logo looks on your brand new business cards; if your potential clients can’t tell you apart from the competition, your bank account can end up holding the wrong number of zeros.


You need to claim who you are.

You need a brand manifesto.

What’s a brand manifesto?

Brand manifestos are a combination of value statements and brand promises. They connect the soul of your brand to your customer’s values. They strongly rule people in or out and they drive those who are in to action.

When you know who you are and you’ve publicly articulated it, your people can hold you accountable. They can see that you’re the business they’ve been looking for and they can find evidence that you keep your promises. This allows you to build trust, right from the start.

Manifestos are bold. They draw a line in the sand and dare people to come across to your side. Be ready; not everyone will. But those who do, they are your people. They just get you, right from the beginning. They are ready to listen to what you say, buy your products and services, and preach about you to their friends and colleagues.

If you’re looking for brand evangelists, you need to start with a manifesto.

Linsey took me through a comprehensive brand identity process and it revealed to me who I really wanted to be in my business and as a professional. She took my passions and my desires and turned them into a powerful, moving manifesto that gives me chills.

Being so clear about who I am and what I stand for has enabled me to find the right people for my business. Now, everything flows and I’m serving the right customers with exactly what they need.

Stephanie Hayes

Stephanie Hayes Business Strategist

So what can a manifesto do for you?

It provides clarity.

When you articulate in writing what you actually believe and how you carry that out in your business, you get to determine what you’re really willing to stand behind and what you might let go.

It connects you to your people.

Your manifesto draws a line between what’s important to you and what matters to your tribe.

It makes marketing easy.

When you clearly understand the soul of your brand, you can more easily determine what to talk about, where to talk about it, and how to engage.

It’s a rallying cry.

It strongly calls people in and inspires them to action.

It reminds you of who you are.

Don’t underestimate the value of a touchstone on those days that make you question everything.

How does it work?

We’ll jump on a call and you’ll get my brain on your brand for 90 minutes. Together, we’ll work through my process for digging in and determining what truly matters, to both you and your clients. At the end of the call, we’ll have the bones of your manifesto defined.

You go back to your business while I get down to work. I’ll create the wording for your manifesto based on the themes I pull from our call and ensure we’ve captured the essence of who you are.

Next, I design your manifesto into a beautiful 11x17 art piece that’s ready for print. I’ll use your existing visual branding or if you’re just starting out, we’ll pick some appropriate font pairings and colours before our call.

First look time! I’ll send over the designed manifesto as well as my Brand Manifesto Breakdown document, which will explain my reasoning behind each section of your manifesto. I’ll connect the stories from our call to the words I’ve chosen to represent your brand. If there are phrases or colours you want to tweak, we’ll do that now.

Final file delivery! Your Brand Manifesto is ready for you to print and frame to remind yourself just how glorious you are and of the difference you’re making in your client’s lives.

Investment: $497 US

OMG I LOVE IT! I just about teared up over how well you get me and how powerful it is.

Having such a strong manifesto is a full out call to play a bigger game.

I wanna go slather it everywhere!

Heather Craik


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