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You’re dynamic, adventurous, and a calculated risk-taker.

You want to stop doing things like every other online business owner, and start taking risks that gain impressive results and remind you that you’re a pioneer.

You’ve got a logo and a website but lately they feel a bit like vanilla pudding – inoffensive, but completely unmemorable. You’ve been seeing an awful lot of sites that seem suspiciously similar to yours. How will your people ever find you if you’re stuck in the Me-Too Sea?

Maybe you’ve been in business for a while and it’s time to expand. You need to make that e-book look as fabulous as the content it contains. And what about your opt-in? You need the download to be as put together as you are, and Microsoft Word designs just aren’t cutting it.

You’re tired of dealing with multiple service providers and completely over DIY.

I can help.

You need a trusted person who can deliver great work in a multitude of areas so you can stop worrying about your design and get back to building your empire.



Define who you are, what you stand for and who you want to attract. We’ll work through our custom branding process to gather all relevant information and distill it down to your unique brand.


A look, feel, and voice that showcases exactly who you are and what you stand for, and serves as a beacon to your perfect people. We’ll create an identity that sets you apart while it draws everyone else in.

A Platform

Move into a beautiful online home created specifically for you. I’m as reverent about strategy as I am about design, so projects are created with a focus on results. Together, we plan the best way to take your perfect people from newly introduced to brand evangelists.


Clarity of purpose and strategic design will help you get there.



I’ve been working professionally for almost twenty years. I’ve created brands, websites, software user interfaces, print and conference materials, and video games. I’ve worked with everyone from beginning entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. I know what it takes to launch a big idea.


Your brand is what other people say about you. Branding is how we control what is said. While your look and feel are an important part of your brand, they aren’t all there is. When you work with me, we set out to define the strategic soul of your business. We clarify your ambitions and craft a solid foundation that guides your future efforts and becomes a solid base for your big idea.


Design is more than pretty pictures; it’s visual strategy. It’s a communication system designed to attract your perfect people and it should be done deliberately and crafted professionally. I’ll take into account colour systems, composition, typography, and information hierarchies to deliver a design that reflects your brand and draws in your audience.


A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, training in classical animation, and an obsession with children’s books, has taught me how to draw. I love the opportunity to incorporate illustration into my projects. Whether you need illustrations for your e-book or custom infographics, I welcome the challenge of creating something from nothing.


Stellar copy is crucial to communicating your big idea. Not only is it important that your ideas are clear, but that they are also presented in a tone and style that reflects your brand and attracts your people. I work with award-winning copywriter, Melodie Krieger, to help you find your voice and to make your message shine.


You need an online home to serve as your big idea’s platform and we can build a beautiful one, custom designed for you and your business. I’ve been working in the web since before the dot-com boom. I have deep experience in designing web-based interfaces and can build you a site that not only looks and feels like your brand but also is clear and relevant and garners results.


Custom Creative packages are just that; custom. I create them based on your needs and goals, so there are no flat prices. In general, a package that includes brand strategy, visual identity (logo, business cards, social media covers, document templates) and website starts at $6500.

Linsey Valeriote